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This vulnerability allowed hackers to access every aspect of your Mac

Apple just released an update for your Mac and MacBook that includes two important security fixes. The vulnerability is in MacOS Monterey and you need to have version 12.5.1 to keep your Mac safe from active exploits.

An active exploit is a computer security term that means this security flaw has already been found and used by hackers. While the full details of the vulnerabilities are being withheld to give people a chance to download the update, Apple did share some information about the issues.

MacOS Monterey 12.5 has a security flaw in its kernel, the core of the operating system, that might allow an application to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges. That means an app could gain complete access to every aspect of your Mac. This has been identified as CVE-2022-32894.

The second vulnerability is in WebKit, the software a Mac uses to display websites. That means Safari and many other apps that use web content have the CVE-2022-32893 exploit. Details are also reserved on this active exploit or zero-day security flaw. Apple notes that maliciously crafted web content could lead to code execution.

It’s important to update your Mac as soon as possible. In the meantime, use caution when browsing and downloading apps. Apps and websites that you know and trust are fine, but save any exploration until you have installed MacOS 12.5.

Frequent security updates aren’t fun,but are necessary to keep your Mac and your data safe. A quick visit to System Preferences should show a red notification dot on the Software Update pane if you need to install the latest version.

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