MadCatz catches a pair of adjustable mice at CES

madcatz catches a pair of adjustable mice at ces ratm1

Check out our the MadCatz M.O.U.S. 9 gaming mouse.

Gaming peripheral company MadCatz has revealed a pair of new mice based off the company’s unusual – but successful – R.A.T. Both new products port the unique adjustability of that mouse to different parts of the peripheral market.

Any gamer in need of a portable, yet accurate, mouse will want to check out the R.A.T.M. It takes the concept of an adjustable mouse with a 6400 DPI laser sensor and downsizes it for use with a gaming laptop. This places all of the adjustability of a standard R.A.T. in a much smaller footprint. MadCatz has also opted to use the low-power Bluetooth standard, which means the mouse offers up to a year of life using just two AAA batteries. Users can connect the mouse to a computer with built-in Bluetooth, or use the included USB dongle.

madcatz catches a pair of adjustable mice at ces mous

The other new mouse from MadCatz is called exactly that – the M.O.U.S. This is a kinder, gentler cousin of the R.A.T. that has been built for everyone instead of just gamers. The high-resolution sensor has been replaced with a lower-resolution component that works well on reflective and glass surfaces. Horizontal scroll is included, a first for the R.A.T line, and low-power Bluetooth remains a part of the package. MadCatz has also refined the programmable functionality of the M.O.U.S to make it more intuitive and better suited for use with productivity software instead of games.

Both models match their impression specifications with an intimidating price point of $129.99. Expect to see these in stores in early 2013.