Maingear’s new Alpha 24 all-in-one has game

maingears new all in one has game mg solo24

All-in-ones are good for many things, but gaming usually isn’t one of them. The small size of these trendy systems often demands the sacrifice of graphics performance. The discrete GPU is usually a laptop component – if one is included at all.

Maingear is seeking to break that mold with its new Alpha 24 Super Stock gaming system. This 24-inch touchscreen all-in-one comes with a Core i7-3770K processor and an Nvidia GTX 680 graphics card when configured for maximum performance. Others models will have less powerful hardware, but even the entry-level variant offers a Core i3-3240 and GeForce GTX 650. Other options include solid-state drives, gobs of RAM and various Intel third-generation processors.

Nvidia’s desktop version of Optimus is used in the system to keep its power draw low when the computer is not being used for gaming. The discrete card is turned off and graphics duty is switched over to the Intel IGP. As with the laptop version of Optimus, this transition is seamless and doesn’t require user action.

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The company also stressed that the components are user serviceable and upgradable. Intel’s Mini-ITX form factor serves as the basis of the machine, and makes it possible to pack in customizable hardware of immense power while keeping the size of the system down.

Other features haven’t been sacrificed to cram in the powerful hardware. The display is 1080p, a CableCard TV tuner is optional, and HDMI-in is available. This could make the Alpha 24 Super Stock a perfect compact gaming center because consoles can be connected to it and played via the monitor while the PC is turned off.

Pricing for the Alpha 24 starts at $1,349. The system is available to order immediately.