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After 4 years, Apple may finally overhaul the MacBook Pro

new macbook offers usb speeds 10 gbps possibly thunderbolt 3 pro
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A massive Macbook Pro overhaul is coming, according to Bloomberg. According to the report, sourced to “people familiar with the matter,” the long-rumored touchscreen device will replace the function keys and advanced AMD graphics cards will bring graphics capability to Apple’s long-neglected laptop line.

The Macbook Pro, as sold today, hasn’t really seen a design refresh since 2012, and it shows. The Pro line is heavy, underpowered, and expensive relative to the competition. To fix this, Apple needs to change a bunch of things at once, which is part of why so many rumors are circulating.

This latest Bloomberg report suggests that Apple is doing just that. The laptop has reportedly been in testing since earlier this year. Here are the changes specifically mentioned in the article.

  • New Macbook Pros will be thinner overall.
  • A touchscreen will replace the function keys at the top of the keyboard.
  • The trackpad will be slightly wider.
  • Advanced graphics will be offered by an AMD “Polaris” chip, which Apple is choosing for its low power consumption and thin form factor.
  • The laptop will use USB type-C port for charging, data transfers, and display connectivity.
  • Apple may bring gray, gold, and silver models to market, similar to the 12-inch Macbook, the iPhone, and the iPad.
  • Touch ID is coming to the MacBook Pro.

Most of these statements have been floating around for months now, and even align with supposedly leaked photos of the new model.  The sheer volume of rumors, and the interest in them, really speaks to the extent to which Apple needs to refresh its flagship laptop line.

But this is all going to remain rumor for a while more. Bloomberg’s report suggest the Macbook Pro refresh won’t be announced during Apple’s September 7 event, which will focus on the iPhone. Apple officials wouldn’t comment on that specifically, however, so as always we’re left guessing. It will be interesting to see which rumors turn out to be true.

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