Microsoft Arc Touch: Coming Soon

microsoft arc touch coming soon 16177 arcmouseWhen it comes to alternative input devices for desktop computers, it’s kind of hard to top the good old mouse and keyboard. However, Apple is trying to bring its popular multi-touch technology from its MacBook/MacBook Pro offerings to the desktop with the Magic Trackpad.

Now, Microsoft appears to be on the verge of releasing its latest take on the mouse with the Arc Touch. Despite its unconventional shape, the Arc Touch appears to be a true “mouse” at its core and glides over surfaces like a traditional optical mouse using BlueTrack technology. The “touch” part of its name comes from its touch-based scrolling instead of scroll wheel.

However, the Arc Touch — as its name implies — has an arching palm rest to perfectly match your hand. The device can also be flattened out to make it easier to transport.

The device is constructed of glossy plastic, metal, and a rubberized material for the palm rest.

Despite the Arc Touch’s futuristic looks, the device still relies on RF technology and a USB “nano transceiver” for connectivity instead of Bluetooth. The dongle can be stored in the battery compartment when not in use according to product details from

microsoft arc touch coming soon flat