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Goodbye, old Edge. Microsoft’s new browser will soon automatically replace it

Microsoft has been touting its new Edge browser for months, but now it will finally be automatically replacing the old one. At the Build 2020 developer conference, Microsoft announced some new updates and milestones for its new Edge browser, powered by Google’s open-source Chromium project. All Windows 10 devices will get the browser automatically within the next few weeks, and new features like a Pinterest integration with Collections in Edge will be coming soon, as well.

Following a general release earlier in January 2020, which came as an optional download, Microsoft’s noted its new Edge browser will soon be delivered with a “measured rollout” via Windows Update. This means that eventually, all Windows 10 PCs will have the new version of Edge, replacing the older — and less popular — version of the Edge browser which runs on Microsoft’s proprietary EdgeHTML browser engine.

“As mentioned in January, we plan to upgrade all Windows 10 devices (excluding enterprise and education) to the new Microsoft Edge. Users will be able to experience all the features above when it’s delivered via a measured rollout over the course of the next few weeks” Microsoft said in a blog post.

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Even as the new Edge rolls out, Microsoft still remains committed to bringing new features to future versions of the browser. A new integration with Pinterest in the Collections feature of Edge will be coming to Edge Insider beta testers soon, as well as the ability to send Collections to OneNote. The company also says it will be improving the Microsoft Edge Add-ons site with a new look and layout to help make it easier to navigate and find extensions.

“Collections in Microsoft Edge is collaborating with Pinterest to help you discover relevant content for your research or project. People use Collections to capture their favorite design ideas, recipes, home improvement links, and even to research their next big purchase across multiple sites,” Microsoft said.

Additionally, available through a right-click context menu, The browser will also be getting a “Sidebar search” feature. It will give users the options to see results for words or phrases in the Sidebar, rather than in a new tab or window, ensuring you won’t get lost in your flow when multi-tasking.

Microsoft also detailed some new features for Edge coming for businesses, IT professionals, and developers. New developer features include new options for .NET and UWP (WinUI3.0) development. Businesses and IT professionals, meanwhile, can enjoy new syncing and customization options, and more ways to pivot between work and personal profiles.

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