Microsoft Flight to Retake the Skies

As part of Microsoft’s announcement announcing that Windows Phone 7 will tie in deeply with its existing Xbox Live gaming service, the software giant also announced the return of a legend: the company is developing Microsoft Flight for Windows, a rebirth of its classic Flight Simulator.

microsoft flight to retake the skies 635 msft

Microsoft offered few details about flight, but the choice of the Sopwith Camel to tease the title is not an accident: even in its earliest days, Flight Simulator aimed to provide a realistic representation of controlling real aircraft in real environments. The Sopwith Camel was one of the titles early (and perpetual) planes. The company says Microsoft Flight is in early development stages and would soon enter internal testing, but no details were offered as to when Flight might take wing at retailers. However, Flight will apparently have a component that ties in with Windows Live, holding out the tantalizing possibility of multi-player flights…and dogfights. Microsoft said the game will also have new elements to make it easier for Flight Sim newbies to get started.

The first version of Microsoft Flight Simulator was released in 1982—that makes it older than Windows—with the last full release coming in 2006 in the form of Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Flight Simulator was discontinued last year when Microsoft announced its first-ever layoffs.

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