Internet Explorer sucks: Microsoft reveals painfully honest IE 10 ad

Microsoft knows you don’t like Internet Explorer. In fact, the company’s well aware of its browser’s infamy of how it has evolved through the years from being everyone’s go-to browser to being a subject of ridicule and even hate. So instead of trying to convince you that IE 10 is amazing, it instead released an ad that tries to show you that maybe, just maybe, there’s a new feature on IE 10 that’ll make you believe the browser “sucks less.” 

The video below starts with a shot of dark room lit by the glare of dual monitors. You get your first clue on what the video is all about when a mug, printed with “I trash IE” comes into the picture. Then, the Internet troll begins his work. He scours the Web for anything that even remotely paints a good picture of IE 10, from full-blown reviews to Facebook Likes, in order to reply with different trollish iterations of “IE sucks.” But upon reading IE’s tweet about a new karaoke standard, the troll, who turns out to be a karaoke champion, realizes that the browser might not be so bad after all. 

We can only praise Microsoft for being so painfully honest. It was a pleasant surprise to know that even though IE remains the most-used Web browser (as of October 2012, according to NetMarketShare), the company has realized that it has alienated a part of the market tired of the browser’s faults and limitations. The ad, full of self-deprecating humor and humility, will definitely do a better job at winning back some ex-IE users more than an ad touting how great its new features will. As for us, we might not go back to using Internet Explorer full time, but we’ve been convinced that it wouldn’t hurt to check out IE 10. 

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