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Fear the upgrade? Microsoft’s free Windows XP migration tool aims to make the move easy

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Why have hoards of PC users decided to stick with Windows XP, rather than upgrade to Windows 8 (or at least Windows 7)? We can only guess – but it may be simply because they don’t want to deal with the pain of losing data and settings. Fortunately, if you’re still using Windows XP and this is what’s holding you back from a sparkly new OS, Microsoft just made an announcement that could put your mind at ease.

Microsoft will partner with Laplink, which specializes in data migration software, to provide Windows XP users with a free data migration tool dubbed PCmover Express for Windows XP. Using PCmover Express for Windows XP, those still hanging onto Redmond’s creaky ol’ OS will be able to transfer their files and system settings over to a newer Windows operating system, whether you jump to Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1.

“This tool will copy your files, music, videos, email and user profiles and settings from your old PC to your new device, transferring across your home or work network, and even enables Windows XP users to customize exactly what they want to bring over to their new device,” Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc said in the announcement.

The English-language version of PCmover Express for Windows XP will be available from “later this week.” Versions in other languages will start popping up starting later this month.

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