First-ever 256GB Surface Pro coming to Japan with Office 2013 and exclusive Touch Covers


Microsoft’s been rolling out its international Surface Pro tablets in waves. The U.K. just got the Pro on May 23, and the Chinese version launched back in April with a full copy of Office 2013. Now, those living in Japan can finally buy a Pro. They’ll be getting the same package as the Chinese version (Office 2013 and Windows 8 Pro), but there’s something special about the Japanese version: storage.

If you’re buying a Surface Pro in the U.S., your only options are 64GB or 128GB. However, if you’re buying the Pro in Japan, it looks like the 64GB version is out of the picture, leaving only the 128GB version and, for the first time ever, a 256GB option.

It’s possible Microsoft’s ditching the 64GB version for a larger capacity tablet because of complaints that the 64GB Pro only actually had 23GB of free storage, and the company’s realizing it might be time to dissolve this model. Either way, the 256GB version will cost a pretty penny – about $200 more than the 128GB model. At about $1,175, the tablet will be available along with its 128GB cousin on June 7.

And if the option for more storage wasn’t enough, the Japanese version will also be available with exclusive Touch Covers. The designer covers come from Beams, Rodeo Crowns, and Arise.


No word yet whether the U.S. will be getting the 256GB version, but with Microsoft’s Build developer’s conference a few weeks away, there’s a good chance we might hear some more Surface news there.