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Microsoft could be planning to launch both a Surface 7 and Surface Pro 7

We are less than a week out until Microsoft’s annual Surface hardware event. As the event draws near, rumors have surfaced regarding the Surface Pro 7’s alleged design, especially in regards to bezels and a potential a new name for the 2-and-1 tablet.

The news first came to light after the French blog Frandroid alleged that it had seen images of both the Surface Pro 7 and the Surface Laptop 3, both of which are expected to launch next week.

The interesting tidbit offered by Frandroid is that two models of the Surface 2-in-1 would be announced: The Surface Pro 7, featuring Intel processors, and the Surface 7. These two separate products also align with the codenames reported to be “Campus” and “Harper” according to Microsoft observer, WalkingCat on Twitter.

As far as hardware specifications go, it has been rumored that the Surface Pro 7 models will be equipped with 10th-gen Intel Core i3, Core i5, or Core i7 processors with the supposed.  That fits with the report from WinFuture, claiming that five specific models of the Surface Pro 7 are expected to be released.

The Surface 7, meanwhile, could end up featuring Qualcomm ARM processors. Though that wasn’t explicitly mentioned in the report, it would align well with recent reports that Microsoft would switch to Qualcomm.

Unfortunately, no images have surfaced as Frandroid explained that it intends to protect its source’s anonymity. However, the site elaborated that there would be some significant changes coming to both product lines, with the Surface Pro 7 expected to see the most severe overhaul. Frandroid claims that the Surface Pro 7 will have a “drastically” modern design, with a nearly borderless display.

Further details point out that the tablet’s top and the bottom of the screen will be “a little wider” to accommodate the tablet’s webcam, which will include facial recognition on the top. The bottom side will house a magnet used to raise the tablet’s keyboard. Based on Frandroid’s description of the screen, we can infer that visually, the Surface Pro 7’s design will likely mirror the design of Apple’s recent iPad Pro. The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is also expected to be the first in the Surface Pro line to drop the USB-A and mini-DisplayPort in favor of  USB-C.

Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that these are rumors, and nothing is confirmed to be valid until the hardware event airs next Wednesday.

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