Microsoft outs bizarre Windows 8 ads … and pulls them down quickly

Windows-training-campWe’re sure most of you are no strangers to weird advertisements, but Microsoft’s newest Windows 8 ads might just be in a league of their own. The bizarre ads, which were made to elicit something between a hearty laugh and an awkward snort, don’t even show Windows 8 computers. They do, however, feature face smashing make-up routines, butt pingpong, and watermelon fingering – yes, you read that right. 

None of the ads entitled are in English (but trust us when we say you don’t need to understand anything being said to find them funny and/or weird), and with all of them starring Asian actors, they’re oddly reminiscent of the Difficulty Level: Asian meme. The folks at Microsoft posted the three “Windows Training Camp” ads on YouTube but quickly pulled them down without explaining why they’re depriving us of our entertainment for the day. Luckily, someone else saved copies of the videos and have put them up again on the same website – check them out below!

Don’t be fooled by the geeky kid in the video. His watermelon-fingering skills are top-notch.

Next time your girlfriend takes an hour to put on a full face of make-up, show her how the woman in this video can do it in 9 seconds.

Ever skipped a music lesson or a practice day? All you’ll feel after watching this ad is regret, because you’ll never be able to play butt pingpong.