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Microsoft previews a major Windows 11 update coming soon

Microsoft has released its latest Windows 11 Build 22000.526 (KB5010414) to Windows Insiders as of Thursday, which is a significant preview of the software before it is expected to become available to the public later this month.

Users in the beta and release preview channels will get access to the latest Windows 11 software, which includes a host of updates to Teams, the taskbar, and more.

Microsoft Teams in Together mode on a laptop.

Some feature highlights in the Windows 11 Build 22000.526 changelog include:

  • Monitors connected to other monitors will now display the clock and date on their taskbars.
  • Weather details will now appear on the left side of a center-aligned taskbar. Meanwhile, the weather widget will pop up on the left side of the screen when users hover over the weather in the taskbar.
  • Users can share open application windows from the taskbar to a Microsoft Teams call.
  • Users can mute and unmute a Microsoft Teams call from the taskbar via an active microphone icon, which will appear on the taskbar during the call.

These are all fairly small updates, but some are highly requested, such as the clock and date on monitors or the mute button for Teams in the taskbar.

Notably, the Windows Insiders announced earlier in the day that there were currently no updates on the developer side of things, which hopefully is a good sign that the update is on track for a smooth release before the end of February.

Hey Folks, we're still working out a few issues so no new build this week. We hope to be back at it with a flight next week.

— Windows Insider Program (@windowsinsider) February 10, 2022

Meanwhile, as the Windows 11 update remains unofficial, there are still rumors circulating on the developers’ side of things. Most recently, Windows leaker @thebookisclosed claimed that Microsoft could be planning an overflow bin for the Windows 11 taskbar. This could be in the form of an ellipses icon, which users could click to bring up more app icons instead of having an array of icons stretching across the taskbar. Notably, this was a former Windows 10 feature that was later removed.

Perhaps this could coincide with the Windows Insider Program being behind on its developer build for the week? However, it is common for Microsoft to test features in Dev Channel releases that never make it on to public release.

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