Microsoft restarts the ‘Buy a PC, get an Xbox’ program for students

Microsoft store

As detailed on Microsoft’s official Windows Blog, the software company is reviving a promotion from 2011 that includes a brand new 4GB Xbox 360 console for every qualifying Windows PC purchase valued at more than $699. Starting on May 20, the promotion is valid on both desktops and laptops sold through a variety of U.S. retailers including NewEgg, Fry’s Electronics, HPDirect, Best Buy, Dell and Microsoft stores. The promotion is also valid in Canada at Staples, The Source, Future Shop, Dell and Best Buy. In addition, Canadian students have a lower qualifying price at $599. The blog post didn’t specify all the models that will qualify for the program, but did indicate that Dell XPS 13, Samsung Series 5 ULTRA and the HP ENVY 15 will qualify.

Regarding the launch of the promotion, Microsoft Windows communications manager Brandon LeBlanc stated “With all the hard work students put in for their classes in college, they need some downtime, right? That’s where the Xbox 360 comes in! To blow off some steam, you can just hop on Xbox LIVE and play some Halo with friends and family far away or just down the hall. Could be a great way to blow off steam and relax after a long day full of studying and classes.”

Windows 8 UpgradeDuring 2011, the promotion started on May 22 2011 and ended on September 3 2011. It’s likely that Microsoft will use a similar time period for the 2012 promotion period. If rumors regarding the Windows 8 upgrade program prove to be true, students interested in purchasing a new desktop or laptop will benefit from waiting until June 2 2012 to purchase the PC.

The upgrade program allows a consumer to purchase the higher end Windows 8 Pro for a price of $14.99 when purchasing a qualifying PC that comes with Windows 7. By offering the program, consumers are encouraged to purchase a new PC immediately rather than waiting for Windows 8 to be released. If Microsoft allows students combine the promotions, students will be able to get a copy of Windows 8 Pro for just $15 along with the free Xbox 360.