Microsoft rolls out first Surface Pro 3 TV ad, not a dancer in sight

Microsoft SURFACE Pro 3 start screen

Microsoft has rolled out the first TV ad for its new Surface 3 tablet. Dispensing with the dancers seen strutting about in the first Surface ad launched a couple of years ago, the computer giant has instead decided to focus more on what its latest device can actually do.

Don’t misunderstand – the 30-second presentation (embedded below) is still fast paced and energetic, and indeed may have those with delicate stomachs feeling a little nauseous thanks to the inclusion of several sudden camera spins – but this time the creative folks at Microsoft want you to say more than just “great dancing” as the ad ends.

It wants you to know, for example, that you can comfortably hold the giant 12-inch, 1.2-pound slate in bed with one hand sans crane; that it comes with a stylus offering “the best writing experience” on a tablet; that you can go from tablet to laptop in a flash (so long as you’re prepared to hand over $130 for the snap-on keyboard); that, unlike the iPad, it has a USB port; that it runs Microsoft Office offering “the power and speed to do real work”; and, in conclusion, that “it’s a tablet that can replace your laptop.”

When the Surface Pro 3 was put through its paces by DT last month, mobile editor Jeffrey Van Camp praised it for its physical design, sharp display and “industry-leading” stylus. However, starting at a colossal $999, it was suggested many potential customers might end up opting for a decent laptop and cheaper tablet. Check out the full review here.

The Surface Pro 3 will start start shipping by June 20 and is available for pre-order now.