Microsoft plans to dramatically improve Windows Blue’s touch capabilities


We know by now that the next operating system to come out of Microsoft’s offices will probably be called Windows Blue. It’s reported to only cost you $20 up front when it comes out, but you have to pay for yearly updates. We also know, thanks to Microsoft’s job postings, that the OS is being developed for both PC and mobile. And now, a video of the company’s TechFest event held earlier this month reveals that Blue will partly focus on improving the system’s touch capabilities. 

“We’re really excited to work now that the next version of Windows is coming, to make sure that we extend touch in even more dramatic fashion,” Microsoft’s chief technical strategy office, Eric Rudder, says in the video below. We’re not entirely clear on what Rudder means by extending touch in a “dramatic fashion,” but based on his statement in this particular demo, we’re guessing he thinks it will bring joy to digital artists and anyone that interacts with touchscreens extensively. Anyone who’s ever tried to do art on touchscreen will tell you it’s frustrating if your touchscreen lags even a bit.

The video below, posted by MSFTKitchen, came from a private, internal Microsoft meeting during a demo of Fresh Paint app’s new features. Originally an app for Windows 8, Fresh Paint for Blue includes a feature that lets you paint in watercolor. The digital watercolors mimic real ones, absorbing into the paper, and staying wet until it dries up. But since it’s still digital art, you have the option to make the paint dry instantaneously.