Microsoft uses Transmeta in Smart Displays

This designation reflects the value of Transmeta’s energy efficient processor technology for Smart Displays running Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET and reinforces the very highperformance capabilities of these processors for demanding applications.

Smart Displays are wireless, touch screen monitors that allow users to access Microsoft Windows XP-based PCs from remote locations in the home or office. In so doing, Smart Displays enableconvenient, extended access to the information, applications and services of the main PC. These devices connect to PCs from up to approximately 100 feet away via an 802.11b wireless connection.

“Smart Displays can serve as a productive business tool by offering the corporate environment an innovative means of remotely accessing the full capabilities of the PC,” said Bob O’Donnell, analyst,IDC. “Bringing higher performance processors into Smart Displays, as with PCs, is an important step in driving this market forward.”

The high performance of Transmeta’s processors is a key benefit for demanding requirements such as DVD quality multimedia playback and cool running Transmeta processors enable thin-and-light designs.Transmeta’s unique capability to accomplish software MPEG-2/4 and Windows Media Video 8/9 decode provides significant efficient computing benefits to system designers, eliminating the need for aseparate component for decode, saving board space and cost.