Microsoft will ask you for feedback while using the Windows 10 Technical Preview

microsoft will ask you for feedback while using windows 10
One of the new features in Windows 10 is the Windows Feedback app, which you can use to submit comments and complaints about specific parts of the OS directly to Microsoft. The idea behind Windows Feedback, in theory, is that it would loosely connect users with Microsoft engineers, and help the tech giant polish the Technical Preview’s rough edges to help get it ready for its grand release sometime in the middle of 2015.

As part of this campaign, Windows 10 may also generate pop-up notifications asking you about certain parts of your Win 10 experience. To answer the question, simply click on the notification, which will bring up a window asking you to rate a specific feature or experience. After that, just hit “Submit,” and you’re done. Of course, you can also choose to ignore it.

Windows Feedback 3

Unfortunately, these feedback pop-ups only ask for a rating, and don’t include a text box that allows you to type in comments that pertain to whatever Microsoft is asking you about. This could impede the company’s ability to receive precise feedback, and rectify issues with Windows 10, which is currently in an early stage of development.

Fortunately, as an alternative, you can open the Windows Feedback app and provide Microsoft with your thought and feelings on the app itself. You’ll find the section of the app dedicated to giving feedback about Windows Feedback under Apps-Windows Feedback.

Windows Feedback Location

It should also appear in the “Recent Applications” category if you use Windows Feedback on a regular basis.

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