Microsoft announces $70 student discount for Windows 8 Pro upgrade

microsoft sells 40 million windows 8 copies windows8

Microsoft’s Windows 8 Pro upgrade promo is slated to end tomorrow, January 31, 2013. That means if you fail to make your purchase by then, you’ll have to pay $200 for an upgrade instead of $40. We suggest getting yourself a copy now if you’re going to buy one anyway. You can always install Microsoft’s new operating system at a much later date. However, if you do end up missing the promo, you can still get the upgrade for only $70 … as long as you’re a college student or a university or college staff member. 

In a blog post today, Microsoft announced the student promo and rollout schedule. The new promotional rate will be effective February 1 in the U.S., the day after the introductory price offer ends. A total of 49 additional countries will follow, with rollouts slated for February 21, March 7, and March 19. While $70 is still a lot higher than $40, it’s still better than having to pay the full $200 for a Windows 8 Pro upgrade, especially if you’re a broke college student living on a diet of ramen and canned beans. Note that Microsoft will verify your identity if you apply for a student copy of the OS, so don’t try any funny business. There’s also a limit of five discounted copies within a 12-month period in case you decide to equip more than five devices with Windows 8 this year. 

Considering upgrading to Apple’s latest operating system, Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8.2), is only $20, even the $70 student discount of Windows 8 seems like a lot. Students, will any of you take advantage of the discount and upgrade to Windows 8?