Microsoft’s fixed Surface Pro 2 firmware rolls out today

microsofts fixed surface pro 2 firmware rolls today

Good news if you’re the owner of a Surface Pro 2 — Microsoft is today rolling out the latest firmware update for the device, which should fix the issues that have dogged the hardware since the previous update was pulled back in December. As we’ve previously reported, users have been experiencing problems with sleep mode and battery life, and Microsoft was forced to cancel the firmware rollout as a result; now it seems it’s back on track.

A Surface support team member hinted that January 14th would be the date when the fixed release would see the light of day, and that prediction looks to have been nearly right. ZDNet first reported that the update had been sighted in the wild, though as yet there has been no official word from Microsoft — if you’re waiting for your firmware fix, you may have to sit tight just a little longer.

Microsoft has already released updates for the the first-generation Surface Pros running Windows 8.0 and 8.1 this week, so the signs are that the engineers at Redmond have been busy over the holidays. While users have reported receiving the update on Twitter, it’s too early to confirm whether the sleep and battery issues have been cleared up or what other features (if any) are included.

At the time of writing, the official Surface Pro 2 update history page has yet to confirm the latest firmware release or detail the features in it, but you should see a new entry added in due course. If you’ve received the latest rollout and noticed an improvement in performance (or otherwise), let us know in the comments.