Microsoft’s Release Preview edition of Windows 8 dated for June

Microsoft Windows 8 Release PreviewMicrosoft has announced that the next preview version of Windows 8 will be made available during the first week of June. It’s called the Release Preview and follows on from the Developer Preview released late last year and the Consumer Preview in February.

The news comes from a Japanese Windows 8 Developer Day event, and made public after a picture was published on the Building Windows 8 official Twitter account.

A rumor appeared earlier this month that stated Microsoft would use the name Release Preview instead of Release Candidate, which means this is likely to be the final preview edition before the full release later in the year.

Aside from the approximate release date, Microsoft hasn’t shared any new features that will be included inside the Release Preview, although if it is the last version, it should be very close to what will be released to the public.

One thing worth noting, as pointed out by, is that Microsoft has apparently abandoned its new, square Windows logo in favor of the old, familiar wavy one. Whether this will continue when the new operating system hits the shelves remains to be seen.

Microsoft announced the various Windows 8 editions last week, confirming three different packages including Windows RT for ARM-based tablets, so one has to wonder whether this will be a part of the Release Preview in June too.

The Release Preview will come out four months after the Consumer Preview was made available, which came four months after the Developer Preview; meaning, should Microsoft continue with this pattern, Windows 8 is still on track for a full release in October.

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