Millennium Cell Demos Fuel Cell Battery

The system consists of a disposable Millennium Cell Hydrogen on Demand(TM) (“HOD(TM)”) fuel system combined with a hydrogen fuel cell. In this initial demonstration, the battery pack has been removed from a Dell C400 notebook PC and the computer is directly powered by the HOD and a Proton Exchange Membrane (“PEM”) fuel cell system. The sealed, disposable cartridge containing the HOD system is similar in size and shape to a traditional battery pack. Also on display, will be the Company’s vision of the next generation HOD and fuel cell system and how it will be integrated into a notebook personal computer without any loss of portability or functionality of the device.

“We are delighted to showcase our HOD technology at this prestigious forum,” said H. David Ramm, Millennium Cell President and CEO. “We are excited to demonstrate the combined power of HOD/PEM technology to help realize the vision of ‘all-day’ computing.”

“The Extended Battery Life Working group is actively working towards all-day battery life of mobile PCs. We encourage power source companies like Millennium Cell to work on and bring to market new power source technologies for notebook PCs,” said Kamal Shah, Mobility Enabling Initiative Manager, Mobile Platforms Group, Intel Corporation and Chairman, Mobile PC Extended Battery Life (EBL) Working Group.