Mirra Expands Presence at Best Buy Stores

Mirra eliminates the complexity of managing valuable digital photos and documents in the home by integrating PC software, Mirra Web Services(TM), and an intelligent storage appliance into one affordable solution. The Mirra Personal Server provides hands-free backup, automatic file synchronization of PCs, and free, secure photo- and file-sharing over the web.

“From the very start, Mirra’s strategy was to cast a wide net in the retail distribution channel,” said Richard Mandeberg, CEO of Mirra. “We are excited to kick off the big consumer holiday season with expanded presence at Best Buy, the authority with consumers who enjoy the digital lifestyle. This expansion gives our customers even more ways to purchase the Mirra Personal Server in a familiar, accessible, and knowledgeable marketplace.”

“Today, many PC users require a robust back-up capability for their home computer,” said Lisa Farrell, business general manager of computer peripherals and software at Best Buy. “Best Buy is excited to offer consumers the Mirra Personal Server, which not only enables backup and protection, but also file sharing and access via the web.”

A recent survey conducted by Geek Squad, a 24-hour computer support task force available in all Best Buy stores, revealed that Americans fear losing everything on their computers more than public speaking, an IRS audit, or death. Yet few home users follow a strict back-up regimen, mainly because it is too time-consuming and complicated.

The Mirra Personal Server, which is also available on Best.buy.com, combines three key technology components in a smart, all-in-one solution that is easy to set up, simple to use, and affordable. Components include:

— Mirra PC software – the brains behind automatic backup, sharing, access, and synchronization

— Mirra Web Services – free, secure services that support files sharing and access via the web

— Mirra storage appliance – high-capacity network storage that’s always on