Mirra Personal Server Version 2.0 Released

The Mirra Personal Server provides continuous, hands-free backup for home PC users — protecting all types of digital content, such as photos, music, email, financial records, and work files. The newversion is offered at no change in pricing to new customers and as a free upgrade to existing users.

The 2.0 release builds on Mirra’s core promise of automatic protection by integrating safe, secure backup and sharing on local networks and the Internet. Now, whenever users share files or photos, they can also give friends and colleagues permission to change and add files to shared folders. All changes are not only shared — they are automatically backed up and versioned.

Mirra 2.0 also introduces MirraSync(TM), a powerful, automated way to synchronize files among shared folders on linked PCs within local networks. The Mirra Personal Server now:

— Supports two-way collaboration through file sharing over local networks and the web

— Improves web access to Mirra, with full download, upload, and back-up features

— Ensures all PCs on a local network have the latest versions of files

— Backs up Microsoft(R) Office Outlook(R) 2003 files while Outlook is open (XP only)

— Offers large and thumbnail photo previews and full-resolution photo file downloads

— Provides an additional level of protection for files and photos

— Increases user-defined permission levels and privacy controls

“Mirra 2.0 solves all kinds of problems for home users who have irreplaceable files and photos. Now you can share digital photos without waiting for them to upload to email, and invite friends to preview large images and add their own photos for free,” said Richard Mandeberg, Mirra’s CEO. “Best of all, Mirra automatically protects all the photos in a folder shared by a group.”

“It’s time to make our digital lives easier,” said Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies. “Mirra continues to lead the market by delivering an entirely new class of product aimed at home users, making it simple and automatic to back up systems as well as access personal content from any web browser.”

“The Mirra Personal Server gets to the heart of what home users want — to eliminate the fear and hassle associated with backup,” said Chris Shipley, executive producer of the DEMO conferences. “What could be easier than backing up our files by doing absolutely nothing?”

Pricing and Availability

Mirra 2.0 is offered with no change in retail price and as a free upgrade to existing customers. Available in three storage capacities, 80GB for $399, 120GB for $499, and 250GB for $749, the Mirra Personal Server gives users the confidence and peace of mind that their valuable files are always protected, up-to-date, and accessible. The new product is available online immediately from Amazon.com, BestBuy.com, CompUSA.com, Dell.com, and Mirra.com, at select Best Buy and CompUSA stores, and through D&H Distributing.