Mount your iMac with Apple’s new $40 VESA wall mount adaptor


The sleek and svelte appearance of Apple’s lastest iMacs have lead many users to want to mount their machine. (On a wall, guys. Mount it on a wall.) Now the company has quietly introduced an option to add a VESA mount adaptor to its most recent line of iMacs for $40. The most recent model of the iMac did not support mounting until now. There’s one small catch, though, if you order it with the mount option, your iMac will arrive sans stand, so be sure you have a wall to hang it on or a desktop to attach it to in mind.

Earlier models of the iMac included support for VESA mounts, the term for the four screws arranged in a square that allow TVs, monitors, and other displays to attach to wall and desk mounting hardware. When Apple introduced the redesigned iMac last fall, support for VESA mounting was gone. Many users complained and, apparently, Apple listened and introduced this new option, though the company is now charging $40 for something that was included on previous iMacs, bringing the starting price of a 21.5-inch iMac to $1340.

But if you’re determined to mount your new iMac, it’s now possible. While the actual mounting device is sold separately, Apple includes a few options for adding a desktop or wall mount to your order ranging in price from $140 to $240. Even if you’re sold on the idea of tossing your iMac up on the wall, you’ll have to wait a few days longer for it. 9to5Mac noticed that iMacs equipped with VESA mounts are shipping within 7 to 10 days, while the stand models will head out of the warehouse in 24 hours. Maybe it takes Apple a few extra days to find an allen wrench to attach the mount?