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You can grab this cheap MSI gaming monitor for only $179 today

A MSI 31.5-inch curved gaming monitor at a side angle.

Walmart is often a great place for monitor deals, and its particular strength today lies in gaming monitors. Right now, you can buy the MSI 31.5-inch curved gaming monitor for $179 instead of $249. Working out as $70 in savings, the MSI 31.5-inch curved gaming monitor is perfect if you want a more immersive experience while you play without worrying about spending too much. If you’re keen to learn more, read on while we take you through everything. From there, you can tap the buy button to make a purchase before the price increases again.

Why you should buy the MSI 31.5-inch curved gaming monitor

MSI is responsible for some of the best monitors for gaming with the company often knowing what players crave most. With the MSI 31.5-inch curved gaming monitor, you get all the essentials you need. The screen offers a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 so it looks super sharp. It’s assisted by AMD FreeSync technology, a refresh rate of 165Hz and response time of 1ms. Combined, that means that the MSI 31.5-inch curved gaming monitor will be silky smooth even when you’re playing fast-moving games which might ordinarily cause motion blur issues. A low response time also means no worries when it comes to reacting appropriately to what unfolds. Miss a key touch? That’s a skill issue rather than the monitor letting you down!

Adding to the MSI 31.5-inch curved gaming monitor, it has a wide color gamut of 94.7% DCI-P3 and 120.3$ sRGB to ensure it rivals the best gaming monitors. Also there to make things more immersive, the MSI 31.5-inch curved gaming monitor has a curved display with a curvature of 1500R so that the monitor can draw you in. It still has a wide viewing angle of 178-degrees too so you can easily see what’s going on from many different viewpoints.

If you plan on hooking up multiple devices, you’ll also appreciate that the MSI 31.5-inch curved gaming monitor has two HDMI 1.4 ports along with one DisplayPort 1.2 so you have options here.

Combined, it all ensures that the MSI 31.5-inch curved gaming monitor is a tempting proposition, especially while on sale. It normally costs $249 but right now, you can buy the monitor for $179 so you’re saving $70. A highly affordable price for such a large and curved monitor, check it out now at Walmart before the price increases very soon.

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