MSI All-in-Ones to Gain Power, 3D, and Multitouch

Computer maker MSI has been making strides in its all-in-one computer line lately, but the all-in-one systems it’s just announced for CeBIT 2010 might just make the company a serious contender for entertainment and gaming fans. Among the slate of all-in-one systems the company plans to debut are the MSI Wind Top All-in-One 3D PC, featuring full HD 24-inch display, a 120 Hz refresh rate, and 3D support with shutter glasses to enable users to use the system as a 3D home theater.

msi all in ones to gain power 3d and multitouch one  no model specified

MSI also plans to introduce two high-end models (the Wind Top AE24030 and AE2280) with 24- and 22-inch displays, multitouch support, and Core i3/i5/i7 processors under the hood, all running intel’s Turbo Boost technology that automatically kicks up CPU speed when faced with demanding applications and games. The 24-inch systems will also feature built-in 10-watt speakers, with the 22-inch versions packing 5-watt speakers.

MSI hasn’t announced pricing or detailed technical specs for any of these machines—that’ll have to wait for CeBIT—but the company has also announced a series of eco-friendly all-in-one computers aimed at business users with 19- and 20-inch displays—the Energy Star-rated systems will be free harmful substances and ship with 80 percent recyclable packaging material. MSI will also be rolling out a series of Wind Box Mini-PCs, aimed at offering businesses a small-footprint system that offers ample computing power without jacking up the power bill.