MSI Announces New WiFi Products

The new MSI products are the AP54G access point, PC54G2 PCI 801.11g card and the CB54G2 PC card WiFi adapter.

From MSI’s press release:

“These products are specially designed for home and small office use”, said Joseph Hsu, President and CEO of MSI. “Moreover, the independent tests have proven to increase the network performance by up to 50% compared to other 802.11g products in the market.”

AP54G, PC54G2 and CB54G2 are backward compatible with existing 802.22b/g, they also come with advanced security options such as WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) and 802.1x. In addition, users can see a significant performance enhancement when AP54G is combined with 11g + 11b wireless networks and PRISM Nitro compatible 802.11b/g products. The latest additions to MSI wireless product family can radically improve wireless capabilities and add considerable power and flexibility to your network.

Users will benefit from the following features in the new MSI 802.11g Products:
– Real-world wireless network performance can be enhanced by up to 50%* when using AP54G and PRISM Nitro compatible products
– “Software AP” – Designed to turn your PC (equipped with PC54G2 or CB54G2) into an access point providing connection to the network backbone for Internet and resource sharing
– AP54G provides advanced security features such as WPA and 802.1x authentication and authorization
– WDS (Repeater/Bridge mode) is supported with AP54G for easy network deployment and extended network range
– “MSI AP Manager” (AP Auto-discovery and Management Utility) is provided with AP54G for easy wireless network management