Net Neutrality to be Debated at CES 2010

url-imageThere will be more than just products debuting at CES this year—looks like the hot debate of “net neutrality” will be showcasing at the MPEGIF Master Class. According to a statement from MPEG Industry Forum, the Master Class presentation and panel discussion entitled “TV X.0 Present and Future” will concern Net Neutrality and whether “it is a viable concept given the infrastructural investment being made by operators around the world.”  This conference session will bring together industry experts and some of the most influential leaders in video entertainment, multimedia and television. The MPEG Industry Forum says its main goal is to facilitate and further the widespread adoption and deployment of MPEG and related standards in next generation digital media services.

“In our mission to help find solutions and compromises to important issues engaging our industry, MPEGIF has always provided an ideal platform for open and constructive discussion” said Prof. Dr. h. c. Sebastian Moeritz, President of MPEGIF and CEO at dicas. “Net neutrality is a subject of extreme relevance – it must be addressed, considered and managed by all industry participants accordingly.”

Hopefully this The panel will begin on Friday, January 8th at 9:00am and some of the panelists include Jim Kutzner the Chief Engineer for Public Broadcasting Service, Ajay Luthra the Senior Director at Motorola, and Thierry Fautier  the Senior Director at Convergence Solutions, Harmonic Inc.

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