Netgear’s updated Genie app lets you share Wi-Fi by QR code, and much more

netgear unveils genie app update that lets you share wifi by qr code

Netgear had its keynote earlier today and showed off a variety of new consumer-focused networking technology including wireless monitoring, dual-band range extenders, and wireless streaming technology. On top of all this, the company also announced a new update to its Genie software for mobile devices, and including an exciting new feature for those looking to share Wi-Fi info more seamlessly in your home, along with another essential updates.

Netgear’s Genie software is already available across a wide array of devices, including Android’s Play Store, Apple’s App Store, and PCs. It’s fairly feature rich, from its simple network management interface to video streams from Netgear IP cameras. The latest mobile updates, planned for a early 2013 launch, will include a variety of new features:

  • Setup a QR code that will allow your guests to automatically connect to your Netgear-compatible router
  • View wireless signal strength and performance from a phone
  • Quickly and easily share photos, videos, and other files with Turbo Transfer
  • Parental Controls for Internet Access
  • Powerline Network Map to measure network performance

While there’s no set date just yet, we hope to see these amazing new features arrive to the millions of Netgear and Genie owners and users.