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Turns out the Windows 1.0 teaser tweet was all about Stranger Things after all

Microsoft Stranger Things
Microsoft press release/Microsoft

The reason for Microsoft’s recent, mysterious throwback tweets and Instagram posts has finally been revealed. It turns out that the posts were in reference to Microsoft’s newest collaboration with the Netflix show, Stranger Things.

According to an emailed press release from the technology company, as of Monday, July 8, Microsoft and Netflix are launching a collaboration to celebrate the premiere of the third season of Stranger Things. The third season of the hit show from Netflix is set in 1985, which happens to be the same year Microsoft celebrated its 10-year anniversary, and the release of Windows 1.0.

On July 1, Microsoft posted nearly identical social media posts on Twitter and Instagram, announcing what seemed to be a new (’80s-style) operating system named Windows 1.0.  At the time, Microsoft hadn’t released any further details on Windows 1.0, at least not anything beyond a “totally tubular” reply tweet. Which only added to the confusion and to the pile of follow-up questions we had for these posts: Why include an ’80s throwback theme in the ad? And what’s up with that pale blue logo at the end paired with the sad, plain serif font? That new logo seems important to whatever Microsoft has planned, because both of Microsoft’s Twitter and Instagram accounts feature it as the profile picture.

In the days since, Microsoft continued to post more nostalgic, cryptic social media posts, including a tweet posted on July 5, with the biggest clue yet: A Netflix logo emblazoned on an old computer screen:

Before we move forward, are you sure you're ready to go know where? .— ..- .-.. -.– / —..

— Windows (@Windows) July 5, 2019

A full week later, on July 8, Microsoft announced the reason behind the weird posts: Its new collaboration with Netflix, which is essentially a joint celebration of everything related to Stranger Things and an older version of Windows OS. The collaboration is supposed to include a new Windows 1.11 app, free Stranger Things-themed coding camps for teens, and Stranger Things-inspired Xbox content and prizes.

The Windows 1.11 app is available for download on the Windows website and contains Paint and other Terminal programs from Windows 1.0, as well as Stranger Things content and puzzles.

Microsoft is also offering Stranger Things-themed STEM coding camps for teens (13 and over) at Microsoft Store locations. The camp program is called Camp Know Where and interested teens can register at a Microsoft Store or online.

Lastly, Microsoft’s Stranger Things campaign also includes an Xbox contest in which fans can win a Stranger Things prize pack: a Stranger Things 3 collectible arcade cabinet, an Xbox One X, and a 12-month membership for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (which includes Xbox Live Gold).

This contest ends on July 15.

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