New Netgear Wireless Router Adds Storage

From Netgear’s press release:

NETGEAR, Inc., a worldwide provider of technologically advanced, branded networking products, today unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show, the 2004 “Best of Innovations” award winner, the WGT634U Super Wireless Media Router, a “third-generation” wireless home networking solution that supports storage access off the router via a USB interface. It fulfills the emerging storage demands for digital-rights-protected entertainment content sharing as well as secure and remote web access to the home portal and files. In addition, the WGT634U enables super-fast wireless connectivity and superior range necessary in today’s connected home. The WGT634U and other new and innovative products from NETGEAR can be viewed at the Company’s CES Booth – South Hall #22652.

As consumers accumulate large amounts of digital content, including MP3 files, digital photos and digital video, the need for external, high-capacity shared storage becomes critical. By connecting a storage device to the WGT634U via the integrated USB 2.0 interface, users can store and share files and entertainment content for instant, seamless access from PC and web applications on computers connected on the home network as well as from the Internet away from home.

Providing the enhanced range and blazing speeds afforded by NETGEAR’s award-winning 108 Mbps wireless networking technology, the 802.11g-compliant WGT634U is a secure, easy-to-use, feature-rich wireless networking solution that takes home networking to the next level. The blazing fast wireless speeds and enhanced range enable the WGT634U to stream video to distances of more than 200 feet.

“NETGEAR is moving home networking technology into the next generation with the launch of the WGT634U,” stated Vivek Pathela, NETGEAR Director of Product Management and Marketing, Consumer Products. “While home networks initially gained popularity for broadband Internet sharing through wired (first generation) and wireless (second generation) routers, the rapid growth in popularity and adoption of Internet-enabled appliances is mandating the ‘third generation’ of performance and functionality from wireless routers. Our state-of-the-art WGT634U is designed to fulfill current and future demands for router-attached storage and super-fast wireless speeds. It enables users to store and stream large amounts of audio and video content from a high-capacity USB-enabled disk drive so they can take advantage of advanced networking functions such as application-level access to music, video, photo and other PC files as well as remote access to a home portal.”

Delivering data transfer speeds that are double that of 802.11g equipment, the WGT634U Super Wireless Media Router provides multiple simultaneous users with high-speed, extended range wireless connectivity to support the long-range wireless transfer of bandwidth-intensive multimedia applications including digital images, videos and MP3 files. In addition, the integration of a USB 2.0-compliant interface makes the WGT634U the industry’s first home networking product to enable the connection of an external storage device, such as a high-capacity disk drive or other USB memory device, for centralized network backup or storage and sharing of files and multimedia content.

The WGT634U features NETGEAR’s Smart Wizard install assistant, an interactive tutorial for ease of set-up, and includes Smart Wizard setup of the Internet connection, client devices and the external USB disk and assisted firmware update feature to simplify the downloading and upgrading to the latest firmware. The feature-rich wireless router, which integrates an 802.11g-compliant access point and a four-port 10/100 Mbps switch, offers a host of security and privacy features including a double firewall (both NAT, Network Address Translation, and SPI, Stateful Packet Inspection), 64- and 128- WEP encryption, WPA PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access Pre-Shared Key) support, multiple VPN pass-through support, intrusion detection, URL content filtering, and security logging with e-mail alerts.

NETGEAR’s WGT634U Super Wireless Media Router will be available in Q104 via leading retailers as well as direct marketers, e-commerce sites, and value-added resellers at an estimated sales price under $200.

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