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You don’t have to use Bing – Google Search has AI now, too

Google Seach Experience gives an overview with links and images.
Google Search Experience gives an overview with links and images. Google

Google is rolling out big changes to its top product, Google Search, adding generative AI capabilities. That means you don’t have to switch to Bing to get a more helpful AI-enhanced search.

While Bing places its AI chatbot on a separate tab or a sidebar, Google integrates its generative AI directly into Google Search. This might be a more natural and fluid experience.

Google calls this feature Search Generative Experience (SGE) and it will be part of its new Labs feature. Labs isn’t new, but it has expanded to cover more Google services, including search.

The new Search Labs layout includes AI-powered overviews to make it easier to find exactly what you want with specific details highlighted. Google Search will add a generative AI section that includes links and images.

With AI assistance, the information from various websites is collected and summarized with your particular search in mind. SGE also suggests ways to explore further. Search has changed forever and even though Microsoft started this new paradigm, the contest is far from over.

One of the best demonstrations at Google IO 2023 showed how the Shopping tab will become more helpful, highlighting details you ask about and allowing you to refine results without starting over.

Google Shopping uses AI and allows follow-ups for refinements.
Google Shopping uses AI and allows follow-ups for refinements. Google

You can sign up for early access to Search Labs starting today. This preview is only available within the U.S. and supports English. More experiments will roll out in the coming weeks.

This is just one part of Google’s efforts to completely reimagine all its products and services. Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and Slides will all receive integrated AI-powered text and image generation capabilities, potentially speeding up everything you do with Google.

A look at what’s next for AI and Google Search | Google I/O 2023

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