NVIDIA Announces Two New Workstation Cards

The Quadro FX 600 PCI is a professional 3D graphics solution that extends a user’s workspace by up to eight high-resolution, digital flat panels powered by one NVIDIA-based PC workstation.

Armed with all NVIDIA Quadro FX features such as stereo 3D viewing, the NVIDIA Quadro  FX 600 PCI powers interactive visual “roaming” of huge data sets such as downloads of satellite imagery via a 256MB frame buffer. Ideal for driving applications in markets including geospatial and medical imaging, this PCI implementation can also serve as an advanced graphics console in servers.

The Quadro FX 700 features a new silent cooling system and the industry’s only true 128-bit floating-point graphics pipeline for millions of colors in a broad dynamic range, stunning visual quality, and the highest degree of accuracy.

Read the full press releases at NVIDIA’s Website.