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Nvidia is upgrading Nvidia 750Tis to 950s with new PC builds for free

nvidia freely upgrading 750tis 950s new pc builds geforce gtx 950 3qtr
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When it comes to gaming, in most cases your biggest investment in a new PC should be the graphics card, as it handles much of the processing for contemporary titles. However, not everyone has the cash to splash out on a high-end GPU, and many choose to opt instead for something from an older generation. To help those people out, Nvidia is giving free upgrades to its GTX 950.

All you have to do to take part in the deal is configure a new PC build from the likes of CyberPowerPC, iBuyPower, CyberTron, MainGear, V3Gaming, or VelocityMicro, with a GTX 750Ti. When your system arrives, however, you’ll find it equipped with a much more powerful GTX 950 instead.

Nvidia claims that this should deliver around a 30 percent performance boost to those who take part in this promotion, but perhaps more importantly, it will also support a lot of contemporary technology. GSync, Nvidia GameWorks, DirectX12, DSR — all of these are supported by the newer Maxwell architecture of the GTX 950; that wouldn’t be the case with the older 750Ti.

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Although hardly a Titan or 980Ti, it’s worth remembering that the GTX 950 is a solid 1,080p gaming solution. In our own review of the card we found it to have low power draw and to operate without making much noise, while being capable of delivering decent performance.

To sweeten the deal even further, all of the manufacturers listed above are also giving away the Heroes of the Storm Kaijo Diablo bundle along with the upgraded GPU. This gives players access to the Diablo hero, its unique Kaijo skin, and a seven-day StimPack which grants an XP bonus to player and hero levels throughout the period.

That’s the audience Nvidia is targeting with this deal too — the young MOBA players of the world. Unlikely to be able to afford a high-end gaming system of their own, and not likely to play games that are too intensive, a bump to the GTX 950 would certainly be welcome.

Any of you planning on getting a budget gaming system for you or a family member soon? This might not be a bad deal to take advantage of. Do it soon though, as it runs out tomorrow, December 4.

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