NVIDIA to launch GeForce Experience service to optimize gaming graphics

nvidia is beta testing geforce experience a new tool for optimizing graphics

PC gamers could soon have a new tool in their arsenal that could eliminate the need to tweak graphics settings. NVIDIA is testing out a product called GeForce Experience that’s designed to automate all of your settings and resolution while playing a video game. The tool is a cloud-based service that will analyze the hardware you’re playing on and make adjustments accordingly, from anti-aliasing to shadow options, for the best gaming experience on any given machine.

The company has said that GeForce Experience will require minimal technical expertise for the gamers who use it, claiming that the goal of the tool is to offer as simple an experience as possible. After retrieving optimal settings from the cloud, GeForce Experience applies the changes and saves them directly to your game’s config file. It will also automatically deliver driver updates. 

While the ability to tinker and perfect graphics settings is a point of pride for many PC gamers, the more casual players will probably find this tool a huge help once it goes public. Getting your graphics exactly right can involve a lot of guesswork, but playing under less than ideal conditions can really hinder the enjoyment of a game. NVIDIA certainly has the cred to make GeForce Experience a powerful and useful tool; after all, its graphics cards are often contenders for gamers looking to upgrade their computer performance.  

Source: SlashGear