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More rumors point to June release of Nvidia’s much-anticipated GTX 10-series graphics

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Although we’ve known for a while now that Nvidia and AMD’s next-generation graphics cards were going to show up at some point during the Summer 2016, we still don’t have any hard dates to go along with that. The information is mounting though, with a new leaked report suggesting that Nvidia’s first 10 series cards will debut at this year’s Computex.

Set to take place between May 31 and June 4, Computex would be a smart time to debut a new graphics processing unit (GPU) or two. That’s exactly what Hardware Battle believes is going to happen, as it’s claiming that the GTX 980Ti replacement, the GP 104-400, and the GTX 980 replacement, the 104-200, will both be shown off in early June. Note: the new card names are code names, not the final product names.

June is, of course, right around the time of Computex, which starts at the end of May and goes on through the first week of June.

Additional evidence points in this direction too. Hardware Battle cites sources which claim major Nvidia partners have now stopped production of the GTX 970, 980 and 980Ti cards, because Nvidia has stopped supplying reference boards.

The GTX 970-replacing GP 104-150 is set to show up in mid-June we’re told, so will likely appear a few weeks later. All of them are not expected to ship in any great numbers until sometime in early July, however.

Two of the cards mentioned above are thought to be the GTX 1070 and GTX 1080. Previously leaked pictures of their cooling shrouds appeared at the end of last month. Whether there will be a GTX 1080Ti version yet to be detailed or not.

What we do know about Pascal cards, though, is that they were be very powerful. An enterprise-focused card using the same architecture was announced earlier this month, and it packs an ungodly 150 billion transistors onto a 16nm die. It also makes use of high bandwidth memory 2.0 (HMB2). The GTX will be scaled down compared to that, but the enterprise card’s existence indicates Nvidia can cram a huge number of transistors into its new GPU, if it thinks it’s necessary to beat the competition.

AMD is also rumor to launch its new Polaris-based video cards in Computex, so it looks like this will be a long, hot summer for gamers.

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