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Nvidia’s PC Gaming Revival Kit will breathe new life into your system

nvidia pc gaming revival kit
There comes a time when every purpose-built gaming PC can no longer handle the requirements of new releases — but Nvidia is launching a package that can help bring such a system up to spec. The company’s PC Gaming Revival Kit bundles together several components in an attempt to make it easy for consumers to upgrade their rigs.

The kit packages an MSI GTX 1060 3GT OC Twin Frozr graphics card with a Corsair Force Series LE 240 solid state drive, and a Corsair CX450M 80 Plus Bronze power supply. The bundle also includes a copy of Gears of War 4 and an Nvidia-branded T-shirt.

These components are only intended to “revive” the PC in question, rather than transform it into a powerhouse capable of running any new releases that are thrown at it. The blurb on the box makes specific reference to MOBA games, which should give an idea of the sort of content that a build refreshed by the kit will be able to handle.

It’s clear that this product is intended to target lapsed PC gamers who don’t want to take on the task of sourcing individual parts to upgrade their system. In terms of convenience, it’s easy to see what the kit offers up — but after crunching the numbers, it becomes clear that the package isn’t great value for money.

The contents of the box, less the T-shirt, would typically sell for 402 euros ($419.75 in the United States) at retail, according to a report from VideoCardz. The PC Gaming Revival kit carries a recommended price tag of 399 euros ($416.62), which means that consumers could likely find a better deal on the same parts elsewhere.

Nvidia seems to be testing the waters by launching its PC Gaming Revival Kit in certain regions. It remains to be seen whether the package will be successful enough to warrant a wider rollout.

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