Nvidia Showcases Quad SLI Tech for Gaming

Nvidia said yesterday they were bringing Quad SLI technology to PC system builders to create the fastest class of commercially available gaming computers. Examples of these new souped up gaming PCs are the Raptor Signature Edition from Velocity Micro and the Aurora ALX from Alienware. 

Nvidia’s Quad SLI technology, said the graphics company, features four graphics processing units (GPUs) from the of the newly announced Nvidia GeForce 7900 Series with a Nvidia nForce 4 SLI motherboard. The graphics generated by this Quad SLI technology will reportedly allow gamers to set their monitors to HD resolutions, including 2560×1600, while still maintaining smooth frame rates. Support is also available for a new 32x antialiasing mode, and 16x anisotropic filtering reportedly enables better visuals and image quality.

“We continue to drive the rapid pace of 3D graphics innovation,” said Ujesh Desai, general manager of desktop GPUs at Nvidia, in a statement. “By taking SLI technology to a completely new level, we give PC builders the ability to create an exquisitely engineered gaming PC that is in a class by itself.”