NYC Plans Unprecedented Wireless Network

The City’s commissioner of the Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications, Gino Menchini, described the planned network as “the most challenging and most comprehensive” wireless project that he’s aware of — an assertion that was backed up by vendors that have seen the request for proposals issued by the city.

“No one has ever attempted this before on such a scale,” said Roger Skidmore, vice president and chief product officer at Austin-based Wireless Valley Communications Inc., which sells software for designing and managing wireless systems.

In fact, some vendors have asked whether New York would scale back some of its requirements, such as a mandate to support 2Mbit/sec. data rates and streaming video from thousands of users simultaneously. But But city officials rejected the requests in written responses. The RFP is “demanding and aggressive,” Menchini said, but he believes that its requirements can be met.

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