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Use NZXT’s system to make sure your gaming PC rocks your favorite games

nzxt bld promises custom pc build performance  system black
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Building a new gaming PC can be a real pain, something that is getting even more difficult as AMD ramps up its CPUs and GPUs with Ryzen and Vega to more strongly compete with Intel’s Core CPUs and Nvidia’s GPUs. Simply put, knowing exactly which combination of components will optimize the performance of your favorite game is a challenge.

PC maker NZXT understands this, which is why it has put together a way to build a custom gaming rig. Called NZXT BLD, the system will let you choose the games you like the most and the price you want to pay and then build out a new PC for you.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

NZXT’s CAM PC cloud-based monitoring software is at the heart of BLD, which uses greater than 10 million hours of gaming performance data to select components that will provide the best performance for certain titles. NZXT promises that its recommendation engine will predict frames per second (FPS) to within 10 percent accuracy so that buyers can be assured of building a gaming PC that will provide the expected performance.

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In describing the new system, NZXT founder and CEO Johnny Hou said, “BLD features a brand new approach for those who want a DIY PC to play the PC games the way they without having to invest a lot of time. Because we’re PC gaming enthusiasts ourselves, we know what fellow gamers need out of their systems and our recommendation engine built upon millions of gaming sessions makes this easy. Simply tell us the games you want to play and we will do the rest.”

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The process is simple. Just select up to three games from among the most popular titles and specify a budget range. Then, BLD will provide benchmark data based on a recommended build, which you can then use to customize your PC build with NTXT case and RBG lighting options. The custom PC will be built and shipped within 48 business hours.

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If you’re not happy with the resulting performance of the new PC, specifically if it fails to perform within the promised FPS guarantee within 10 percent, then you will be able to return the machine for free. In addition, NZXT will back up the new PC with a solid two-year warranty.

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