Okoro Adds New Core Duo Entertainment PCs

Okoro Media Systems, a developer of digital entertainment systems for the audio video market, recently unveiled a new line of home entertainment focused PCs based on Intel’s Core Duo mobile processor. This new LX Series has a starting configuration price of $1,395.

Okoro’s LX Series, said the developer, comes in a low profile case which is designed to sit comfortably amongst home entertainment components such as an A/V receiver and DVD player. Equipped with the Intel Core Duo T2300 processor and sporting 1GB of RAM, features of this series can include, based upon configuration, 8-channel HD audio with Dolby Digital Live technology, an ATI PVR tuner card, Intel ViiV technology and a dual layer DVD burner.

“Many of our customers have expressed a desire to get their hands on a cooler running ViiV Entertainment PC,” said Christopher Curry, Okoro VP of Sales & Operations, in a statement. “We feel the LX series will meet the customers’ need for a cooler and quieter unit. The LX and the ViiV platform will make it easier for our customers to download, manage and share all kinds of digital media.”