Olympus Offers Free On-line Firmware Update

This looks to be a great idea from Olympus. If any of our readers try this, please post in our forums to let us know how it worked.

From Olympus America’s press release:

Olympus America Inc. is introducing free on-line firmware update service for the Olympus E-System’s camera bodies, lenses, and flash units. The Olympus E-1 is the world’s first 100% all-digital interchangeable lens SLR. The firmware update service gives E-1 users fast and convenient access to the latest digital technologies that are an integral part of the Olympus E-System.

“Olympus is committed to serving the needs of the professional photographer,” said John Knaur, senior marketing manager, professional markets, Olympus America Inc. “We have designed our new firmware update service in direct response to these needs. The service is accessible through the Internet, allowing the E-1 user to easily upgrade the entire E-System.”

The service begins on January 28, 2004. E-System users can update their camera bodies, lenses and flash units through the Olympus Viewer software included with the E-1 cameras or the Olympus Studio software. The whole process takes less than five minutes.

To access the service the photographer must:

  • Connect the camera body to an Internet-enabled computer using the cable included with the camera.
  • Start the Olympus Viewer or Olympus Studio program and select “Firmware Update” from the program’s Help menu.
  • The program will automatically download and install the appropriate update via the Internet.

The photographer must have version 1.1 of Olympus Viewer or Olympus Studio software. To update previous versions, users must start the program and select “Software Update” from the program’s Help menu. The browser software will automatically start. The E-1 user can then download version 1.1

The system requirements are: Windows® 98SE/Me/2000/XP, USB 1.1/USB 2.0/IEEE1394 MacOS 9.1/9.2 or MacOS X 10.1.3~10.2/10.2.7/10.3, USB 1.1/USB 2.0/FireWire