OnOne Software releases free photo-editing tools for Lightroom

OnOne Software, a Portland, Oregon based developer of software for photographers of all levels, has released its latest volume of free plug-ins for photo editors. The Perfect Presets for PhotoShop Lightroom 3.0 is the most recent addition to the company’s line of free photo editing software that pairs with Lightroom to minimize the time photographers spend at a computer correcting flaws.

onone software releases free photo editing tools for lightroom logo boxes

VP of Marketing Mike Wong is responsible for creating many of the 192 free presets. To run the plugins, your OS can be Mac (10.5 or 10.6) or Windows (XP, Vista, or Windows 7) and you need PhotoShop Lightroom 1.0 or higher. If you can meet these requirements, little more than a download stands in the way of a heightened photo editing experience.

Just a few of the features included are photo optimization, special effects and filters, color and tonal conversions, stylized effects, and noise reduction. You might think the options in the standard issue version of PhotoShop and Lightroom can do plenty (and they can), but onOne’s upped the ante with manipulations and filters like “Mocha” (“a warm black and white look”) and “Super Shadow Saver” for – you guessed it – underexposed photos.

Sure, a PhotoShop veteran could produce the same before and afters without the aid of these presets, but it would inarguably take far longer. Anyone who wants to spend less time editing (or learning to edit) should take advantage of these free upgrades. Eventually mastering S-curves and levels is an important photo editing skill, but the shortcuts in these presets are ideal for quick editors and beginners who want quality in their final product.

What onOne Software really emphasizes in its free presets is the ease at which you can use them – the tools are simple to learn and manipulate for any skill levels.