Optical Drives & Recording Formats Guide

Quote from the guide at PC Stats:

“There is still something besides price that is holding back recordable DVDs however; a standards war is still raging, as it was two years ago, in the writeable DVD market. Any time there is no clear standard, customers are confused, and confused customers don’t waste their money on potentially obsolete technology. In this article, PCstats will attempt to clear away some of the fog from the issue of writeable DVD media standards, as well as explaining how DVD and CD writing technology actually works, and much much more. In the second half of this beginners guide, PCstats will explain how to burn a CD-R, create an ISO image, and several other fundamentals for burning your data to recordable optical media. First, before the chicken crosses the road entirely, how are CDs, CD-Rs and DVDs made? What gives these wonderful plastic coasters the ability to store such tremendous amounts of data? “

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