Oracle flattens IBM records with SPARC Supercluster

oracle flattens ibm records with sparc superclusterDuring a press conference earlier in the week, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison announced the SPARC Supercluster, an enterprise system made up of the Solaris operating system, ZFS storage technology, and Sun Microsystems processing power. The full specifications, according to Chicago Independent Press:

The hardware configuration used to achieve the record was a single SPARC Supercluster with 108 SPARC T3 chips, for a total of 1,728 processor cores. The system also has 13TB of memory, 246TB of flash storage, and 1.7 petabytes of total storage capacity.

For those unfamiliar with database systems, what Oracle has accomplished is akin to dropping a jet engine into a Ferrari; combining some of the best technology in the field to really push the limits of enterprise systems, and the results speak for themselves.  The database can handle 30 million transactions per minute, and this shatters the previous record held by IBM by more than threefold.

Oracle acquired Sun at the beginning of the year, and it seems as if the acquisition certainly paid off. It will be interesting to see just how well the SPARC Supercluster performs outside of first-party benchmarks (the full report is available here), but it certainly seems as if Oracle’s innovations will make an impact in terms of speed and ease of data retrieval. What this means for the end-consumer is potentially faster and more stable interfacing of information.