20 million Chrome users are fooled into downloading fake ad blockers

Fake ad blockers is real news! These malicious extensions generated more than 20 million downloads on the Chrome store and their popularity shows that many internet users are still susceptible to malicious software.

Hackers modify ransomware to deliver a Coinhive cryptocurrency-mining payload

Trend Micro discovered two variants on the XiaoBa ransomware that carries a cryptocurrency-mining payload. More specifically, it injects the Coinhive script into webpages cached on your PC while browsing the internet.

Microsoft gives OneNote Windows 10 a promotion, kills off OneNote 2016

Microsoft is demoting its OneNote 2016 desktop application, replacing it with the Windows 10 OneNote app instead and adding new features only to the latter. OneNote UWP will also be the default version for Office 2019.

AMD’s second-generation Ryzen desktop CPUs hit the market starting at $199

AMD's second-generation Ryzen desktop processors is now available on Amazon, Newegg, and more with a starting price of $199. There are four chips in the refreshed family, replacing two Ryzen 7 chips and two Ryzen 5 CPUs.

Intel to close its New Devices Group, signaling a retreat from wearables

Intel hints that it's getting ready to shut down its New Devices Group, the division responsible for its wearable devices. The company will either move these developers over to other divisions, or end their employment.

Amazon patent wants to unmask Bitcoin users, sell data to law enforcement, others

Amazon has a brand-new patent to its name, but it's nothing to do with retail. The internet giant now has a patent on the ability to identify Bitcoin owners through the use of amalgamated sales and telecoms data.

Capture One makes batch editing and presets faster with latest update

Capture One 11.1 speeds up workflow when using styles or presets, Phase One says. The update enhances a handful of tools while expanding camera support to eleven new models and another ten lenses. The update is available April 19.
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TaskRabbit back online after cyberattack, warns users to monitor their accounts

TaskRabbit is back online after a cyberattack forced the company to suspend its operation on Monday. The CEO says it's still investigating the incident, and advises users to change their passwords and monitor their accounts.

Start streaming on YouTube Gaming with this quick and helpful guide

Getting yourself set up to stream games online is easier today than ever before, but if you need a little help getting started, here's a quick and easy step-by-step guide on how to stream on YouTube Gaming.

Chrome’s desktop browser now supports web-based VR on the Oculus Rift

The latest stable version of Google Chrome for desktop now supports the Oculus Rift headset via WebVR. Chrome automatically detects the headset, determines its capabilities, and renders web-based VR at a compatible framerate.

Porsche’s Design Book One sale makes this luxury laptop more affordable

With a $1,000 discount, the Porsche Design Book One is a designer laptop that dropped its designer price tag. The laptop is on sale through April 23, so if you want the unique form of the Book One, you can score a bargain.

Would you buy a Pixelbook if it could boot into Windows and Chrome OS?

Will the Pixelbook adopt Mac OS's support for dual-booting? Speculations that Windows 10 could finally boot on Google's Pixelbook went into high gear after code for the mysterious AltOS picker began appearing for Chrome OS.