Wear your keyboard like a pair of brass knuckles with Tap Strap

The Tap Strap is an amazing wearable keyboard that turns gestures into taps, so you'll never need to touch your keyboard or touchscreen to type out a text message or email again.

Qualcomm’s ‘Always On’ PCs are coming to T-Mobile and AT&T

Qualcomm's forthcoming LTE-enabled PCs are coming to a new set of U.S. phone carriers, adding T-Mobile and AT&T to a growing list of vendors. But will widespread availability be enough to sway customers?

You have money in your PayPal account, so why not buy some Bitcoin? Here's how

You can buy Bitcoin with just about everything these days, from bank account transfers to gift cards. But if you want to use Paypal, it's surprisingly difficult. In this guide, we'll teach you how to buy Bitcoin with Paypal.

These Raspberry Pi 3 bundles will cover everyone, from coders to gamers

The Raspberry Pi 3 is a low-budget computing platform capable of doing just about anything. We rounded up a handful of the best Raspberry Pi 3 bundles to get you started on a variety of DIY projects.

Use one of these password managers to stay safe online

The internet can be a scary place, especially if you don't have a proper passcode manager. This guide will show you the best password managers you can get right now, including both premium and free options.

Crypto-mining malware nets hacker group $3.4 million worth of Monero coins

Israeli security firm Check Point uncovered a large-scale cryptocurrency mining operation which installed malware on servers running Jenkins, an automation software designed for web development.

Apple releases an iOS update to fix infamous Telegu text bug

Little more than a week after Apple acknowledged a Telegu character could wreak havoc when sent to a user through Messages or third-party messaging apps, it released a fix for the bug in its iOS 11.2.6 update.

Samsung beefs up the data center with a new SSD packing 31TB of storage

Samsung revealed the PM1643, a new SSD for the enterprise packing a 31TB storage capacity. It relies on V-NAND flash memory technology, which stacks memory cells vertically versus the city block design used in standard SSDs.

Asus joins the Windows Mixed Reality party with its own official headset

Asus announced its Windows Mixed Reality headset last year and now it's finally going on sale for $429, including two motion controllers and full support for the Windows Mixed Reality platform.

Amid cryptocurrency frenzy, South Korea affirms support for ‘normal’ trading

The South Korean government enacted regulations that will require all cryptocurrency accounts to be associated with real identities. The move comes amid the investment frenzy we've seen in the past few months.

Bokeh for beginners: How to blur a background in Photoshop in mere minutes

Got a shot with a too-sharp background? Photoshop can fix it. Here's how to blur a background in Photoshop and get a realistic result without spending hours on depth maps and complex cutouts.

Lost and found: Here’s how to locate your iPhone when it goes missing

Finding a lost cell phone used to take hours upon hours of searching. Thankfully, you can now locate your device in a matter of minutes using Find My iPhone, one of the most convenient features of iOS.