Adobe focuses on speed — but just how fast is the new Lightroom 7.2?

Adobe is addressing one of Lightroom's largest user requests for more speed with the latest build -- but what's getting faster, and how fast? The latest build uses both performance updates and new tools for a speedier workflow.

In 2018, the rivalry between AMD and Intel has become more interesting than ever

When it comes to selecting a CPU for your PC, there's no shortage of chips for you to choose from. With Ryzen, Threadripper, and Core i9 CPUs though, the AMD vs. Intel argument is muddier than ever.

What is an APU? AMD's new hybrid CPUs: Explained

APU is a term that's commonly used in association with AMD processors. The company touts it as something that gives it an edge over Intel. But what is an APU? And is it really that different from Intel's offerings?

Government websites fall prey to a plugin injected with a digital coin miner

On Sunday, someone hacked a popular website plugin and inserted Coinhive's controversial Monero digital coin mining script. More than 4,200 websites used this plugin. One Monero digital coin is worth $238.

These Raspberry Pi 3 bundles will cover everyone, from coders to gamers

The Raspberry Pi 3 is a low-budget computing platform capable of doing just about anything. We rounded up a handful of the best Raspberry Pi 3 bundles to get you started on a variety of DIY projects.

Poll: Is AMD’s new APU fast enough to make a graphics card unnecessary?

AMD's new Vega-powered Ryzen APUs have much better game performance than your average CPU. However, is playing Overwatch at 30 fps good enough for PC gamers? We took a poll on Twitter to see what people thought -- and the results weren't…

How do the new Vega-based Ryzen APUs compare to other AMD CPUs?

Whether you're looking to upgrade or buy an entirely new system, it's well worth considering AMD's Ryzen range for your CPU. To help you decide which though, this is our guide to the best AMD processors.

Microsoft brings Windows 7 and 8.1 into the Defender fold, but there is a catch

Microsoft said that subscribers to its Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection subscription service will see Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 support starting this spring. This support is for the enterprise market only.

No, AMD’s new Vega-powered APUs don’t make sense for PC builders

AMD's latest Ryzen APUs are quick enough to run Overwatch and Battlefield 1 on Low settings with some serious caveats, but as a PC component they don't fill any particular niche, and that's a problem.

Soon, you won’t have to be a Windows Insider to test Microsoft’s newest apps

Microsoft will let non-Windows Insiders test the newest beta versions of its first-party Windows 10 Apps, gaining access to and giving early glimpses of new features to an even wider group of users.

Does a newly revealed patent show Apple's smartglasses of the future?

Apple AR glasses may be closer to reality than we thought. Here is everything we know so far about the augmented reality system, including the rumored specifications of Apple's Project Mirrorshades.
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AMD Ryzen CPUs With Vega Graphics Review

AMD’s new, affordable Ryzen processors are a gamer’s last resort