Emerging Tech

Awesome Tech You Can’t Buy Yet: Glass galaxies, water levitators, ink on demand

Check out our roundup of the best new crowdfunding projects and product announcements that hit the Web this week. You can't buy this stuff yet, but it sure is fun to gawk!

Hackers could seize robots with ransomware, costing companies millions

A recent report explains that hackers could use ransomware to seize robots in corporate, manufacturing, and healthcare environments, costing millions. The attacks take advantage of how robots send and receive data.

Yep, mining for cryptocurrency can now heat your home

French startup Quarnot unveiled a space heater that could potentially pay for itself -- someday. By harnessing the massive amounts of heat GPUs generate while mining cryptocurrency, Quarnot's QC1 heater aims to keep you toasty.

AMD’s leaked road map shows plans for Ryzen, Threadripper processors until 2020

Leaked marketing slides show AMD's plans for desktops and laptops until 2020, confirming its promise to support AM4/TM4-based motherboards until then. The road map shows AMD's plans for desktop chips, Threadripper, and Ryzen APUs.

The best screen recorders make it easy to capture your desktop

Take a look at the best screen recorder options for a variety of tasks, from streaming games to capturing portions of your screen for tutorials. We've found the best recorders for Windows, Mac, Linux, and web-based use!

Twitter CEO aims to overhaul verification as digital coin scams grow

During a Periscope live-stream on Thursday, Jack Dorsey and David Gasca talked about overhauling Twitter's confusing verification system. The move could help lower the number of cryptocurrency scams proliferating the social platform.

California to introduce ‘Right to Repair’ bill for electronic devices

California will become the latest in a long line of states to introduce a "Right to Repair" bill that could extend a device's lifespan, and would allow users more options when fixing broken electronics.

Cryptojacking turns your PC into a Bitcoin mine, but you won’t see a cent

Cryptojacking, the latest evolution of malware, has infected some of the largest websites on the internet. Here’s how to keep your PC from becoming a slave in a cryptocurrency mine.

Gaming on a thin, light laptop is possible with these stealth gaming laptops

Not every laptop that's good for gaming comes with RGB lighting and a bug, chunky chassis. Some of the most capable laptops out there can also help you game in the off hours. These are the best stealth gaming laptops.

Intel finally dishes out stick-shaped Optane storage SSDs for mainstream PCs

After soothing the gamer crowd with its 900P series in October, Intel is now offering the Optane SSD 800P series for mainstream PCs. There are only two units for now providing capacities of 58GB and 118GB.

Apple files patent for a crumb-resistant MacBook keyboard

According to a patent application made public on Thursday, Apple could be developing a new MacBook keyboard designed to prevent crumbs and dust from getting those super-shallow MacBook keys stuck. 

How to Install an SSD in a PlayStation 4 or PS4 Pro

SSDs are much faster than mechanical hard drives, which is what the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro come with. Here, we show you how to replace it with an SSD, which will allow you to boot to the OS faster and load games quicker.